The Revolution Within: Religious Mediation and the Struggle for the ‘New Egypt’ – Yasmin Moll

The 2011 revolution unleashed passionate public concern about how to create a “New Egypt.” Islamic channels were important sites of these debates as rival television preachers gave media form to their competing visions of what a virtuous life entails and what an ethical polity looks like. Based on fieldwork in Cairo with the “New Preachers” […]

CANCELLED: Symposium on the Study of Islam and the Critical Humanities

*This event has been cancelled.* The central question of this symposium is: How is the study of Islam a vital site for justifying the institutional life of the critical humanities, both as an academic discipline and a mode of public engagement? This event will give both speakers and attendees an opportunity to discuss/debate the place of Islam in the […]

CANCELLED: Identifying with Nationality: Europeans, Ottomans, and Egyptians in Alexandria – Will Hanley

*This event has been cancelled.* Nationality is the most important legal mechanism sorting and classifying the world’s population today. An individual’s place of birth or naturalization determines where he or she can and cannot be and what he or she can and cannot do. Although this system may appear universal, even natural, Will Hanley shows […]

CANCELLED: Spiritual Subjects: Central Asian Pilgrims and the Ottoman Hajj – Lâle Can

Unfortunately, Thursday evening’s book talk by Dr. Lâle Can has been cancelled due to travel concerns. At the turn of the twentieth century, thousands of Central Asians made the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Traveling long distances, many lived for extended periods in Ottoman cities dotting the routes. Though technically foreigners, these Muslim colonial subjects often […]

Spiritual Highway (Panel Discussion)

Together with the award-winning Nigerian photographer Akintunde Akinleye, anthropologist Dr. Marloes Janson hit the road in the summer of 2013 to map the most important and busiest Nigerian road – the 120-kilometer long Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. While it has failed as the artery linking the north and the south of Nigeria, the highway has succeeded as […]

Naila and the Uprising

You are invited to attend the conference Culture and Conflict in Palestine/Israel held February 1-3 at UF.  The kickoff event for this conference will be a free screening of this documentary from 2017. When a nation-wide uprising breaks out in 1987, a woman in Gaza must make a choice between love, family, and freedom. Undaunted, […]

The FBI, Jews and Muslims: A History of Suspicion – Steven Weitzman

Steven Weitzman is Abraham M. Ellis Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages and Literatures at the University of Pennsylvania, and the Ella Darivoff Director of the Katz Center of Advanced Judaic Studies. Weitzman specializes in the Hebrew Bible and the origins of Jewish culture. Recent publications include The Origins of The Jews (Princeton, 2017); Surviving […]