Publication Subvention

Since 2013 and in recognition of the growing need for humanities publication support, the Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere (CHPS) spends up to $10,000 per annum from the Robert and Margaret Rothman Endowment to fund a program for UF faculty publishing research in the humanities. In the case of subvention requests from CLAS faculty, it will do so with support from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (which will match up to $5,000 in funding per annum). Faculty in the College of the Arts will be directed to apply for a $1000 College of the Arts Research Funding award, available three times yearly, overseen by the COTA Research Committee, after which their applications will be forwarded to CHPS for supplementary funding. Faculty in the College of Design, Construction and Planning will be able to apply for half of the amounts listed.


2018 – 2019 Publication Subvention Grant Recipient


Prof. Emily Hind, Spanish & Portuguese

Professor Emily Hind  was awarded a Publication Subvention Grant for her forthcoming book, Dude Lit: Mexican Men Writing and Performing Competence, 1955-2012 to be published by the University of Arizona Press in early 2019. The subject of Dude Lit answers the question: How did men become the stars of the Mexican intellectual scene? Her book examines the tricks of the trade and reveals that sometimes literary genius rests on privileges that men extend one another and that women permit.


2016-2017 Publication Subvention Grant Recipients


Prof. Biagio Santorelli, Classics

Professor Biagio Santorelli was awarded a Publication Subvention Grant for his forthcoming book, [Quintiliano] Ilmuro con le impronte di una mano (Cassino University Press). His book will discuss the first Major Declamation ascribed to Quintilian and the imperial and literary culture of Rome.

Prof. Peter Schmidt, Anthropology

Professor Peter Schmidt was awarded a Publication Subvention Grant for his forthcoming book, Complete History of the Kings of Kiziba (Mkuki Na Nyota Publishers), as well as his forthcoming volume, Historia kamili ya Kiziba na wafalme wake (Mkuki Na Nyota Publishers). These projects will discuss previously inadequately translated oral traditions from Buhaya, a key region in East Africa.

Prof. Ying Xiao, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Professor Ying Xiao was awarded a Publication Subvention Grant for her book China in the Mix: Cinema, Sound, and Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization (University Press of Mississippi, 2017). Her book focuses on sound and its role in constructing identity and culture in Chinese film and media.


2015-2016 Publication Subvention Grant Recipients


Prof. Kaira Cabañas, School of Art + Art History

Professor Kaira Cabañas was awarded a Publication Subvention Grant for her work with a translation of Jacques Derrida’s Artaud the Moma (Columbia University Press, 2017). She edited and provided the afterward for Peggy Kamuf’s translation of this Derrida’s 1996 lecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York concerning the exhibition Antonin Artaud: Works on Paper.