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International Programs

International Programs

The International Center at the University of Florida is designed “to enhance the educational experience and environment of UF’s students, faculty, and staff by promoting a global perspective.” Serving some 50,000 students from around the nation and the world, the International Center aims to promote and extend a global perspective. In response to a rapidly changing world marked by globalization, the University of Florida established the International Center in 1991 to assist faculty, staff, administrators, and students in enhancing and extending international initiatives by supplying a variety of services. Included among is support for an International Speakers Series, Internationalizing the Curriculum Awards, Study Abroad Services, International Student Services, International Program Development, Faculty and Scholar Services, and office dedicated to facilitating international agreements between institutions.

The International Center at the University of Florida offers opportunities for international study, exchange, travel, and outreach. At present the Center supports overseas study in over two dozen countries. One of the more recent programs, involving faculty and students in a wide range of research and teaching opportunities, is the Paris Research Center, Reid Hall (Paris).


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