Department of Religion and Center for Jewish Studies
2017 Rothman Faculty Summer Fellow

During the summer of 2017, with the support of the Rothman Fellowship, Dr. Kawashima began research on his proposed book project, The Pentateuch: An Interpretation, his attempt to read that narrative stretching from Genesis through Deuteronomy as if it was a novel, while also taking into consideration the Documentary Hypothesis, according to which the Pentateuch was written by four principle writers and later combined by an editor. Read More “Robert Kawashima”

School of Architecture
2017 Rothman Faculty Summer Fellow

Dr. Baweja received a Rothman Faculty Summer Fellowship for her project titled “Tropical Architecture in Australia,” which is part of a broader book project on “Tropical Architecture in Florida.” Read More “Vandana Baweja”

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies
2017 Rothman Faculty Summer Fellow

Dr. Armon received a Rothman Faculty Summer Fellowship for her book project titled “Staging Curiosity: Skepticism, and Science on the Spanish Stage, 1650-1750.” She traveled to Spain for archival research on late seventeenth-century drama and ways of knowing. Read More “Shifra Armon”

Department of English
2017-2018 Library Enhancement Grant

Najwa Al-Tabaa and Charles Acheson on behalf of the Graduate Comics Organization and ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Study Journal, received a Library Enhancement Grant to acquire materials necessary to enhance these programs focusing on Comics and Visual Rhetoric. The grant will add to the UF Smathers Libraries’ comics collection with more theoretical texts on comics and adaptation that will benefit students and faculty working in the field of Comics and Visual Rhetoric, Popular Culture Studies, Digital Humanities, Film and Media Studies, and Fine Art.

Departments of Spanish and Linguistics
2017 Faculty Summer Fellow

Dr. Jorge Valdés Kroff, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, used his 2017 Rothman Faculty Summer Fellowship to travel to the University of Granada. There he tested a group of Spanish-English bilingual speakers about how they use linguistic cues present in prior speech to anticipate upcoming code-switches into English in conversation. Read More “Jorge Valdes Kroff”

Department of History
2017-2018 Rothman Doctoral Fellow

Matthew Simmons received a Rothman Doctoral Fellowship for his project entitled “Revolt in the Fields: The Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union and the New Deal.” He traveled to the Oklahoma Historical Society and the Western Historical Collections at the University of Oklahoma to access histories of underprivileged American Southerners in order to research the dynamics of social inequality during the Great Depression. Read More “Matthew F. Simmons”

Department of Religion
2017-2018 Rothman Doctoral Fellow

Prea Persaud, doctoral candidate in the Department of Religion, used her 2017-2018 Rothman Doctoral Fellowship to travel to Trinidad to document Hindu temples and rituals through photography and participant-observation interviews. She also met with prominent Caribbean scholars and conducted archival research at the National Archives of Trinidad, the University of the West Indies, and at the temples she visited in South Trinidad. Persaud’s research addresses the ways in which Hindu organizations have sacralized the local landscape of Trinidad by drawing on two different types of memory, one personal and one collective. Read More “Prea Persaud”

Ph.D. Candidate, History
2017-2018 Tedder Family Fellow

Elyssa Gage received a Tedder Family Doctoral Fellowship for her dissertation project entitled “‘A Softer and More Durable Glory’: Justice and Colonialism in Post-Revolutionary France, 1802-1830.” This project examines narratives of justice and colonialism in the French Atlantic, specifically in Guadeloupe and the metropole, in the wake of the French and Haitian Revolutions.<!–more–>

With funding from the Tedder Fellowship and a CLAS dissertation research award, Gage spent six weeks at the Archives Nationales d’Outre-Mer in Aix-en-Provence conducting the final research for the first half of her dissertation. One of the guiding questions throughout this project has been if the Revolution was a defining moment for the nation of France, what did it mean to be a nation with colonies? The research conducted with this grant enabled Gage to formulate an answer to this based on specific practices as well as intellectual arguments.

Department of History
2017-2018 Rotham Doctoral Fellow

Cacey Farnsworth received a Rothman Doctoral Fellowship for his dissertation project entitled “Atlantic Lisbon: From Restoration to Baroque Splendor, 1640-1755.” He will travel to Lisbon for archival research on Lisbon’s social transformation into an imperial capital. Read More “Cacey Farnsworth”

Department of History
2017-2018 Rothman Doctoral Fellow

Adrienne deNoyelles received a Rothman Doctoral Fellowship for her dissertation proposal entitled “The ‘Lung Block:’ Tuberculosis and Progressive Reform in Early-Twentieth-Century New York.” During the summer of 2017, she traveled to New York City to complete archival research on a 1903 reform crusade to demolish New York’s “Lung Block”—a tenement neighborhood riddled with tuberculosis—in favor of a park. Read More “Adrienne deNoyelles”