Robin Globus Veldman

Ph.D. Candidate, Religion 2012-2013 Tedder Family Doctoral Fellowship During the summer of 2012, Tedder Family Doctoral Fellow Robin Globus Veldman conducted three months of research exploring the philosophical differences between environmentalists’ claims regarding the phenomenon of climate change and the traditional, Biblical worldview held among many Southern Baptists. The research was part of her dissertation […]

Andrei Gandila

Ph.D. Candidate, History 2012-2013 Tedder Family Doctoral Fellowship Andrei Gandila received a 2012 Tedder Doctoral Summer Fellowship in support of his project, “Marginal Money: Coins, Frontiers, and Barbarians in Early Byzantium (6th-7th Centuries).” In this project, Gandila explores the significance of the frontier between the Byzantine Empire and neighboring societies during the 6th and 7th […]

Stéphanie Borios

Department of Anthropology 2012-2013 Rothman Doctoral Fellowship Stéphanie Borios was awarded a Rothman Doctoral Fellowship for her project “Children’s Social Learning of Plants in the Peruvian Andes.” Borios used her fellowship to spend eight months conducting research in the Peruvian Andes. After taking an intensive summer Quechua class in Cusco, she spent most of her […]

Galina Rylkova

Languages, Literatures and Cultures 2012 Faculty Summer Fellow Prof. Galina Rylkova was awarded a Rothman Faculty Summer Fellowship to support research for her second book project, “Creative Lives: The Art of Being a Successful Russian Writer.” This project explores how a representative selection of Russian writers from the last 150 years understood concepts of success, […]

Conor O’Dwyer

Center for European Studies and Political Science 2012 Faculty Summer Fellow Prof. Conor O’Dwyer used his 2012 Rothman Faculty Summer Fellowship to fund research on his current project, “Culture Clash: Internationalization, Europeanization, and Gay Rights in Postcommunist Europe.” This project explores the effect of European integration on the politics of gay rights in postcommunist Europe. […]

Shifra Armon

Spanish and Portuguese Studies 2012 Faculty Summer Fellow Prof. Shifra Armon used her 2012 Rothman Faculty Summer Fellowship to complete a chapter of her second book-length manuscript, A Compass for Conduct: Performing Masculinity in Early Modern Spain. Although previous scholarship has asserted that the seventeenth-century decline of the Spanish Empire precipitated a crisis of masculinity, […]

Jill Sonke

Jill Sonke School of Theatre and Dance / UF Center for the Arts in Medicine 2012-2013 Library Enhancement Grant Jill Sonke, Director of the UF Center for the Arts in Medicine, was awarded a grant through the Library Enhancement Program in Spring 2012 to extend the holdings of the Criser Cancer Resource Center (CCRC). Acquisitions […]

Jason Steuber, Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler, and Allysa Browne Peyton

Jason Steuber Cofrin Curator of Asian Art, Harn Museum of Art Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler Museum & Special Projects Coordinator, Digital Library Center, University of Florida Allysa Browne Peyton Curatorial Associate of Asian Art, Harn Museum of Art 2012-2013 Library Enhancement Grant A Library Enhancement Grant was awarded to the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art to […]