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Nancy Pinzón

Graduate Intern

Nancy is from Bogotá, Colombia but has been in States for about 20 years. She lived in Montana and considers it home. She is a PhD candidate in Latin American literature in the department of Spanish and Portuguese. She will be graduating in summer 2020.

Her dissertation focuses on humor and its different modalities but under a parallel between it and pain as themes in literature and cinema in Argentina, Colombia and Italy. Her thesis states that “humor and pain are two sides of the same coin and therefore have the same literary value”. Particularly, she is studying the violent times of the second half of the twentieth century where state violence prevails. In Argentina with the military dictatorship, in Colombia with the violence of the armed forces and paramilitaries and in Italy with terrorism during “The years of lead”. As a part of her research, she also focuses on human rights in general, and in Latin America in particular.