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Francesc Morales

Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies
2016-2017 Library Enhancement Grant

Francesc Morales, a graduate student in the Department of Spanish & Portuguese with the support of Dr. Luis Alvarez-Castro, received a Library Enhancement Grant to acquire films, novels, and scholarly works on modern Spanish terrorism. Political and religious conflict and suppression from the nineteenth century to the present day in Spain have sparked violence and dissention against the Spanish government and its people.

The addition of new resources about Spanish terrorism to the collections of the UF Smathers Libraries – addressing the anarchist movements of the nineteenth century, the suppressive violence of Francisco Franco’s regime from the 1930s, and the rise and current terror activities of the ETA, a Basque separatist group – will benefit faculty and students in Spanish & Portuguese, History, and Political Science. These resources will impact how researchers, teachers, and students come to terms with terrorism as a living political problem in Spain and across the globe.

In sum, the acquisition of new films, novels, and scholarly monographs on terrorism in Spain and elsewhere will supplement and support current course offerings, faculty and student research, and inform further reflection on the complexities of modern European radical politics.